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Stephanie Kelley, John Barnes, Anthony Shortland, Nicky Singer, Ros Edmonds, Helen Barnes, James Riley, Katie Storer, Nigel Bruce, Janet Singer, Fergus, Dana Segal, Michaela Carli, Danny Pagarani, Stefania Pinato, Glynne Miller, Julia, Thanassis Ganotis, Laura Ganotis, Rachel Burn, Benjamin Pryor, Tanya, Anna, Nuala Honan, Jennifer Best, Kate Havard, Mark Childs, Linzy Na Nakorn, Alan Jonas

What's this campaign all about?

Who are BitterSuite?
BitterSuite are pioneering a new way to listen to music through all the senses. When you experience BitterSuite, you don’t just listen through your ears- you feel it with your skin, taste the rich harmonies, and smell the tonality. 

We’ve got an amazing new idea for a new sensory concert called Tapestries, which is inspired by the work of Czech composer Leoš Janáček.

What is the concert?

Tapestries will push BitterSuite’s work to the next level - allowing us to work in the largest team to date, write a brand new music score, and launch our sensory experience in the USA by creating our first concert in New York with a US-based team. 

Although we have got some amazing concerts lined up, the intimate format and accessible ticket price means that what we earn from ticket sales is nowhere near the cost required to produce a BitterSuite concert. We need your support to develop the project and get it ready to be performed. This means raising £28,000 to realise our next sense-awakening experience.

Where the money goes to...

  • Fees for the team
  • Original perfume
  • Original tastes
  • Original score by Fred Thomas
  • 10 performances of Tapestries with private views for Kickstarter supporters, Open Senses Festival (Spring 2017) and more
  • 1 free community performance in Bow, London
  • NYC debut with our new NYC based team

BitterSuite I Composer, Fred Thomas I Poet, Kayo Chingonyi I Ensemble, Phaedra I Chef, Adam Thomason I Perfumer, Sarah McCartney I Costumes, Kitty Casette & Lauren Bridle I Production, Linz Nakorn I Communications, Laura Ganotis I Psychologist, Clare Jonas I Development, Lawrence Becko I Osteopath, Bea Shantifa

Ensemble, Curiosity Cabinet I Chef, The Conscious Cook I Perfumer, Sarah McCartney I Production, Gina Ricker