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BitterSuite explore the combination of synaesthesia and graphic notation to make choreographed sensory experiences set to music. Particularly focusing on how sensory stimulation can enhance a listeners experience of and engagement with classical music. Can one sense enhance the experience of the other - and how? Projects include an R+D in collaboration with Sense UK - funded by the Arts Council, a multi-sensory concert for Debussy’s String Quartet in G (featured in The Guardian and on BBC Radio three); sensory music education projects funded by Sound Connections and others. Find out more below

Our Team

Stephanie Singer created BitterSuite to explore new ways of thinking about classical music. Inspired by graphic notation and synaesthesia Stephanie has run multi-sensory community projects in a variety of settings, including work with, Sound Connections: a 5 week project to engage young teens at risk of becoming NEET and with Sense UK: a collaboration between 5 deaf and blind artists and 5 artists from BitterSuite to create a musical installation.Aside from BitterSuite Stephanie has created work for Sing London, The Roundhouse, Camberwell Arts Festival, International Woman’s Week, 3MT, Keep Britain Tidy, Creative Scotland and more. She is currently taking part in a composing development workshop in New York.  
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What People are Saying

“BitterSuite symphonies allow you to remain powerfully in the moment by teasing your senses in time with the music”- Lyndsey Winship, The Guardian 

“None complained it was classical music – in fact they even clapped at the end!” – Jessica Hodge, Croydon Youth Arts Manager   

“Performing Sensory Immersion was created with our talent and skills in mind and everyone – deaf/blind or not, performers and audience alike – adapted to the way each of the deaf/blind performers sees and hears the world”  

“Being creative on my own terms and even more so while telling a story about my experience of disability allows me to break free from the misconceptions people might have about me and how they think living with disability is or should be like. Performing is the one place I feel free and safe.” Zara-Jayne Arnold – Performer, Sense UK  

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