We create ways for participants to discover their senses and use them as a creative landscape. This has a positive impact on mental health, creativity and communication skills.

Our workshops and co-creation methods vary from topic and participants. All build a successful and exciting group dynamic to enable everyone to go on a journey of discovery. Workshops and our processes involve active sensorial stimulation, or in turn inviting participants to discover the nuance’s of their own ways of sensing.

We work with professionals in diciplines including Architecture, Buisness Management, Arts programming as well as multi-disciplinary and disabled artists to find their voice. As well as young people including in Apr - July 2019 we were the Cultural Residents at the Institute of Imagination leading sensory workshops and events with over 1000 local young people. In June 2018 we co-created ‘Without Touch’ with six artists who have experienced severe tactile deprivation. If you would like to BitterSuite to run a workshop for you, please fill out the form below. 

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Previous worskhops include:

Wellcome Collection
Institute of Imagination
Heart n Soul
Sound Connections
Croydon Youth Service
Royal College of Art
Central St Martins
Bristol University
Worcester University
Brighton University
Concordia University
Brown University



We collaborated with the Science Gallery and a collection of emerging and young artists across 5 days. In that time we developed an artistic collective called Cosmic Soup. Together we worked together to make You me and everything in between for the Science Gallery late. It reached 650 audience members.

Inspired by dark matter, we are leading the audience through a series of sensory experiences that explore our connection to the Universe and each other. Each experience reveals something integral about the audience member and offers a space to consider what we observe in the world, what others observe about us and what remains a mystery about who we are. Come and find out the dark matter of you.

Cosmic Soup have created four experiences. In three of those experiences, you will gather specific insights about your matter:

  1. Your Standard Matter 

  2. Your Antimatter 

  3. Your Dark Matter 

Gather three particle signs and find your new tribe. 

Cosmic Soup is a collective of artists formed on 12 July 2019. The experiences were created in four days by Alex Godden, Ashraf Ejjbair, Caprice Ellis, Carlos Biggio, Greg Orrom Swan, Idara Udo, Jay Whitehead, Jamille Malcolm, Linz Nakorn, Luisa Charles, Stephanie Kelley and Stephanie Singer.

The Cosmic Web Thread your connections on our ever growing Cosmic Web

The Space Around Us A sensory tour exploring the invisible qualities of the gallery.

Dark Forces A solo experience. Dark matter is travelling through you at 200km per second right now. But, you can’t feel it yet we know it’s there. What else is there around you, within you, that you can’t detect? Step inside to explore. 

Echoes We know of dark matter’s existence only by the impact it has on space. Explore the impact left behind on this space, and leave the traces of you.

HEART N SOUL August 2017


We were the co-creators of a season of workshops at the wonderful Heart n Soul. Together we played for six weeks with our senses. Running sessions with Alice Phelps, Sound lab, paint party, The Phaedra Ensemble. We composed music, created a taste choir, investigated our bodies and used our senses to create new work.

In the end we created our very own musical sensory intstallation called "Sensetellation" at the Albany Deptford.



BitterSuite Masterclasses
Vault Festival 2017


VAULT Festival 2017 presents BitterSuite Masterclass. Each of our senses work in unity to perceive the world around us. How can we use multi sensory approaches to devising that push our creative thinking and develop new ways of making theatre and musical performance. We curated and led four workshops:
- Tasting music
- Smelling music
- Embodiment
- Making multi-sensory theatre