Founder & Creative Director
Lead artist, composer and founder of BitterSuite. Stephanie has been the creative lead for: Tapestries  I The Sensory Score: Rich Mix I Roundhouse I Wilderness I TedX I Debussy’s String Quartet: Rich Mix I Wilderness I Arnolfini I Vaults Festival 

Anna Pearce0.jpg

anna pearce

Co-founder & Devisor
Devisor, Somatic practitioner / Pilates expert and soon to become leader of the education strand to BitterSuite. Anna is a force to be reckoned with. PROJECTS: Tapestries I The Sensory Score I Debussy’s String Quartet I BitterSuite in Guilford I BitterSuite’s (A monthly night at the Gallery Café)



Eileih Muir

Creative director for sister company Flavour and Some: creating pioneering events that mix flavour, gourmet meals and contemporary dance. 

With BitterSuite Eileih Muir is devisor / choreographer and lead creative voice for all BitterSuite projects.