The Sensory Score

The Sensory Score is a blindfolded experience with bespoke tastes by gourmet chef Adam Thomason, original perfumes by Sarah McCartney and a tactile experience choreographed by BitterSuite. Originally commissioned for Nesta’s FutureFest.

Each audience member gets an intimate, one-to-one experience, with the performers leading the audience through the music and enveloping them within the music’s physical world.

 This innovative performance has finished a modest yet supremely successful tour at RichMix, The Roundhouse, TedX and Wilderness Festival 2015.

The Sensory Score was far and away the highlight of FutureFest. Dozens of attendees have commented to me on how magical an experience was, whether they were sat blindfolded in a chair or experiencing it from afar. Thank you for being such a stellar, inspired, professional group to collaborate with!
— Josh McNorton - Nesta