Anna Pearce I Eileih Muir I Ashraf Ejjbair I Laura Haynes I Linz Nakorn I Josh McNorton I Valeria Tella Giusti I Lawrence Becko I Ensemble, The Phaedra Ensemble I Leader of the ensemble, Phillip Granell I Composer, Fred Thomas I Poet, Kayo Chingonyi I Chef, Adam Thomason I Perfumer, Sarah McCartney I Costumes, Kitty Casette & Lauren Bridle I Creative Production, Linz Na Nakorn I Psychologist, Clare Jonas I Development, Lawrence Becko I Osteopath, Bea Shantifa


Ensemble, Curiosity Cabinet I Chef, The Conscious Cook I Perfumer, Sarah McCartney I Production, Gina Ricker


Founder & Creative Director: Stephanie Singer
Lead artist, composer and founder of BitterSuite. Stephanie has been the creative lead for: Tapestries I The Sensory Score: Rich Mix I Roundhouse I Wilderness I TedX I Debussy’s String Quartet: Rich Mix I Wilderness I Arnolfini I Vaults Festival.

Co-founder & Devisor: Anna Pearce
Co-founder of BitterSuite, Anna has been a key devisor, practitioner and soon to become leader of the education strand to BitterSuite. Anna is a force to be reckoned with. Tapestries I The Sensory Score I Debussy’s String Quartet I BitterSuite in Guilford I BitterSuite’s (A monthly night at the Gallery Café)
Anna works in movement, as a dancer, choreographer and Pilates teacher. She is fascinated by the moving body, and constantly curious about the connections that are to be found between movement and all aspects of life. Anna has worked extensively with Stopgap Dance Company, and her wide range of experience in integrated dance and accessible choreography and performance fed into BitterSuite’s recent collaboration with SENSE Uk. Other recent projects include work with The Artful Badger, Loop Dance Company, RAD’s Step Into Dance, and Rachel Burn. Having worked freelance in the UK for a number of years, Anna is now based in Lyon, France.

Co-Founder, Devisor & Key Collaborator: Eileih Muir
Creative director for sister company Flavour and Some, exploring the relationship between gourmet meals, flavour and contemporary dance. With BitterSuite Eileih Muir is devisor / choreographer and lead creative voice for all BitterSuite projects. Eileih Muir started working as part of Bittersuite in 2013. Excited by this multi sensory approach to classical music she has continued working with director Stephanie Singer on various projects since. Eileih is currently working professionally as a contemporary dancer and uses this knowledge of the body combined with her understanding of music to enhance the Bittersuite experience.

Co-founder, The experience Dramaturg: Ashraf Ejjbair
Ashraf Ejjbair is an actor, having trained at the Oxford School of Drama. Recent credits include: Tale of Two Cities (Film); The Boy From Aleppo Who Painted the War (BBC Radio 4); Trafalgar Dreams (Theatre503); The Duchess of Malfi, (Southwark Playhouse and UK Tour); and A New Face for Fast Times (Soho Theatre). Ashraf is a member of Rough Fiction Theatre Company's Physical Theatre Ensemble and Ice&Fire's Actors for Human Rights. 

Co-producer & Creative producerLinzy Na Nakorn
Linzy Na Nakorn is a performer, creative producer and dance artist. A strong believer in dance as a communicator, Linzy looks to create and perform work that explores the different elements of the 'human experience' in immersive, site specific, interactive and traditional performance settings. Her performance experience has recently seen her dance under direction of Mata Sakka for Sasha Waltz and Guests, Luca Silvestrini's Protein Dance, Lisa May Thomas, TEN Films, Lavish and You Me Bum Bum train. Last year Linzy produced 'Hi My Name is Simon Panrucker', a one man show for the Old Vic Ferment series along with Panrucker's music video 'Emotional' and was nominated for the Old Vic 12 choreographer award in 2015.

BitterSuite projects: Debussy at The Arnolofini - Bristol. Tapestries at Chisenhale Dance Space - London, Tapestries at Rich Mix - London, Debussy at BAM - NYC

Leader of The Phaedra Ensemble & Music supervisor: Phillip Granell
Phillip studied violin with Susanne stanzeleit at The London College of Music (TVU) where he gained a first in music performance as well as subsequently completing a postgraduate diploma. He went on to study with Clare Thompson at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of music and dance where he gained his Master's in performance. He was named outstanding undergraduate of the year in 2005 and was awarded the  J.J Armatage prize for Violin as well as winning chamber music awards. As a chamber musician he has shared the stage with members of the Lindsay string quaret, Primrose piano quartet as well as having played in masterclasses for the Chilingirin, Carducci and dante quartets. He currently leads the Vilaseca quartet. He also has a keen interest in the music of the eastern European Gypsies and is ensemble, The gadjo Club, have been described by the Independent as “fast rising stars of the nu-gypsy scene’,  He is in demand as a session musician  and has recorded music for television and film including the BBC and Channel 4.

The Phaedra Ensemble 
Phaedra is an ensemble that explores the spaces between classical, experimental and contemporary music. Phaedra brings together some of London’s most exciting musicians, to curate programmes with new collaborations, reinterpretations of well-known modern works, and forgotten classics. Phaedra has a strong intuition for genre-crossing and interdisciplinary work, often in collaboration with artists from other disciplines.



Perfumer: Sarah McCartney
Like many other perfume makers, I mixed plants together in the garden when I was little, but I didn’t want to be a perfumer, I wanted to be a witch. My potions were intended to do magic. I still feel that way about scent. It shouldn’t just smell lovely, it should change the way you feel.

Chef: Adam Thomason
After working in some of the most exciting MichelIn starred restraurants around the world, for instance fromel b in Amsterdam, I began to explore my own affinity with food.  I found my passion lay not only within creating food that is both exciting and stimulating to the palate but also to the mind and the other senses. The theatrical eliments behind a meal is half the fun of creating it, so bringing this to the forefront of peoples experience, seemed the obvious progression.


Psychologist: Dr. Clare Jonas
Clare’s research interests are multisensory perception (including synaesthesia) and metaphorical and embodied cognition. Dr Clare Jonas has been a lecturer in the School of Psychology since 2015. From 2013 to 2015 she was a postdoctoral research fellow in the School of Psychology, and before that a teaching fellow at the University of St Andrews from 2011 to 2013. Clare’s research interests are multisensory perception (including synaesthesia) and metaphorical and embodied cognition.

Resident Synaesthete & Development: Lawrence Becko
Lawrence is a grapheme-colour synaesthete, music producer and creative consultant. He supports BitterSuite behind the scenes, planning, fundraising and sharing his experience of life as a synaesthete. 

He sees letters and numbers in colour, and has written and released three albums using his own synaesthetic musical pallet where every chord and lyric match the colour schemes of the artwork and imagery. He is currently working under the name Forests on Synthesis, a collection of synaesthetic electro-symphonic songs about the futility of space exploration.

Creative Producers

Linzy Nakorn
Linzy Na Nakorn is a performer, creator and dance artist interested in cross-collaborative performance. A strong believer in dance as a communicator, Linzy looks to create and perform work that explores the different elements of the 'human experience' in immersive, site specific, interactive and traditional performance settings. Since participation in a project by Matt Wilkins (Phd) exploring blind accessibility in public spaces (2011), Linzy's personal research into the sensory continues to develop and has presented her work exploring the affect of sound on the human body, 'Science of Still' (2014) in Italy and London. 
BitterSuite projects: Debussy at The Arnolofini - Bristol.

Marah Wilson
Marah originally hails from the beautiful Portland Oregon, and has spent the past 3 years in London working in movement as a dancer, creator, immersive performer and Movement Psychotherapist.
BitterSuite Projects: BitterSuite at the Royal Academy

Eugene Feygelson
BitterSuite Projects: BitterSuite at the Royal Academy

Anna Pearce
BitterSuite Projects: Sensory Moments at Wilderness Festival

regular collaborators:

Poet: Kayo Chingonyi
Kayo Chingonyi was born in Zambia in 1987, moving to the UK in 1993. He holds a BA in English Literature from The University of Sheffield and an MA in Creative Writing from Royal Holloway, University of London and works as a writer, events producer, and creative writing tutor.
His poems have been published in a range of magazines and anthologies including Poetry Review, Magma, Wasafiri, The Best British Poetry 2011 and 2013 (Salt Publishing, 2011 and 2013), The Salt Book of Younger Poets (Salt Publishing, 2011), Out Of Bounds (Bloodaxe, 2012), The World Record (Bloodaxe, 2012), and in a debut pamphlet entitled Some Bright Elegance (Salt Publishing, 2012) 

Massage / acupressure: Bea Shantifa

Composers we’ve worked with:
Fred Thomas
Jamie Hamilton

Chef and educationalist
Andrew Yiallouros is an educationalist, creative and chef and has been working in education since 2007.  He mixes his many interests and experiences with his lessons and schemes of work and these have been called outstanding by his peers and Ofsted. He is an innovator and activist and is dedicated to bringing an education to all.

Costume Designers:
Kitty Cassette
Lauren Bridle

Alex Berry
Freyja Sewell