TAPESTRIES - Frequently Asked Questions

General / Tickets

1.    Where can I find more information / ask a question that’s not here?
First read this FAQ and if you still have a question, email us: info@bittersuite.org.uk
If you have an injury that may be a factor in your participation in one of our performances, please let us know via email in advance so we can discuss how to best accommodate your needs.
2.    Why are there two types of tickets?
There are two different ways to experience a BitterSuite performance: as a participant or an audience member. Both are great. Audience members experience the music, visuals, bespoke smells and tastes. Participants experience the music alongside touch, movement, bespoke smells and tastes – but no visuals, as you are blindfolded for the duration of the performance (approx. 45 minutes). Each performance can fit 20 participants, and this is priced higher as it is a more complex and personal experience. The number of audience tickets depends on the venue and the amount of space and seating available.
3.    Is there an age restriction?
Tapestries is suitable for ages 14+. 
4.    Are late comers permitted?
Participants: late comers will NOT be admitted if you arrive after the time advertised on the ticket. You can still see the show but it will be in the audience.
Audience: late comers can enter after seven minutes. Anyone arriving after the first seven minutes will not be admitted.

Sensory Elements

5.    I have a food allergy, can I still experience the tastes?
Before the performance begins, our guides will have a one-on-one consultation with each participant and ask if they have any allergies. We have a full ingredient list for each taste and have identified the possible allergens in each. Our chef avoids the eight most common allergens in all samples.
6.    I’m a Participant, how long will I be blindfolded?
The duration of the performance, approx. 45 minutes. If you are not comfortable with being blindfolded for this length of time, please book an Audience ticket. 
7.    I’m a Participant, where/how will I be touched?
You will be instructed before the show begins about how touch is involved and what you’re comfortable with. You will learn how to express if you are uncomfortable during the show; at any point, you can indicate to your guide if you are uncomfortable or wish to stop.
8.    I have mobility issues, can I participate?
Our guides can adapt the choreography to anyone, regardless of their level of mobility. For participants with severe injuries, broken bones, a late-stage pregnancy or prone to motion sickness, our guides are highly-trained in body work and will adapt the performance to suit your needs. Just let your guide now at the start of the experience.
9.    What are the visuals like?
There are no pulsing or strobing lights. There will be haze. That’s all we’d like to say, so as not to give it away!
10.    I’m allergic / sensitive to smells, is that ok?
We use ethanol-based perfumes. If you have issues with smelling alcohol or any specific scent, inform your guide and that part of the show will be adapted. 
11.    Can I be intoxicated at the show?
Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be admitted to the performance. This is a strict policy.
12.    How do people normally react to your shows?
Due to the intimate, multi-sensory nature of the Participant experience, it is often highly emotional. We ask our venues to provide a list of local mental health services and resources (e.g. helplines), should you request it.