We often collaborate on shorter pieces for events, partners and groups. We love to create innovative pieces, workshops, participatory sessions which allow us to delve deeper into our work and try out new ways of working.

If you’re a brand, a university, a company or an independent producer… or whoever! We love to collaborate and experiment. So please get in touch :)


For Vivobarefoot at Wilderness Festival


Bristol University


What exactly is it about ‘nature’ that improves our ‘wellbeing’? What do these two terms actually mean to people? In wellbeing literature, the value of nature is often understood in terms of ‘green spaces’ or attractive landscapes. In hospitals, nature is often introduced through pictures of landscapes or artificial plants. Such frameworks implicitly assume that the value of nature for wellbeing is inextricably linked to the ability to see it, and they often treat ‘nature’ as homogeneous. What if we remove the visual, and focus on the smells, tastes or sounds of nature? What if we immerse people in unfamiliar or ‘wild’ natural sensescapes? Does everybody associate the same sensory aspects of nature with wellbeing, or are the relationships more diverse and complex? We will use emerging immersive 360-degree sound and smell technologies to explore some of these questions to positively impact hospital design. 

To find out more visit: https://naturesenseswellbeing.wordpress.com/about/


Royal Academy of Arts

A multisensory gig set to the luminous music of The Alice Phelps band and featuring the glass sculptures of Shelley James. Originally commissioned by the Royal Academy of Arts.


Royal Academy of Arts

An elaborate human rube-golderberg machine created to unfold alongside the goldberg variations. The task is to get the apple from one side of the room to the other. The complication is that the cast changes every 30minutes and the new cast only has 5 minutes to learn the new routine. Apple is a machine of chaos, and play.

Original commisison: Royal Academy of Arts

Film made by Webb Street Studios.


Dulwich Picture Gallery

Intertwining sound, vibration and poetry BitterSuite, Alice Phelps and Kayo Chingonyi brought the mausoleum walls to life for the ears and skin of the audience.

Original commisison: Dulwich Picture Gallery

Film made by Webb Street Studios.


Royal Academy of Arts

A nonsensical game show inspired by the process driven games of the Dada period of art hosted by Frieda Slaves & JF.

Original commisison: Royal Academy of Arts


Film made by Webb Street Studios.