BitterSuite have appeared as guest speakers at conferences and events in the UK and in Canada. Find out more about our work, presentations and workshops below.





juNE 2018

Creative Director, Stephanie Singer spoke on a panel aside Sound and Fury led to discuss the future of multi-sensory performance.

Theatre Sense was a one day conference inviting artists and academics to consider challenges and opportunities for sensory engagement in performance. How might we think beyond the conventional five senses, to conceive of new opportunities for theatrical aesthetics and audiences? How might artistic practice shed new light on ways of seeing, hearing and feeling?


19th April 2018


Producer, Linz Nakorn spoke on a panel on the topic of the body and tech - considering how new technologies can be designed for the natural function of the body.

Focus Inside is a unique pop-up project that discusses our digital consumption habits. Its format can be described as an "art gallery meets a yoga studio in a science conference and they all have fun together." Through artistic installations, practical workshops, a competition and a hackathon, talks, and panel discussions we ask how technology is changing us and what we can do about it. For six days, we explore ways to slow down and be in the moment.


Art, Technology, Education, Law, Society
– and Sensory Diversity

Concordia University,  Montreal, 3-5 May 2018


“The sensorium is a fascinating focus for cultural studies,” wrote Walter J. Ong in “The Shifting Sensorium” (1991). Ong’s words heralded the arrival of sensory studies, an interdisciplinary field of inquiry which takes a cultural approach to the study of the senses and a sensory approach to the study of culture. Sensory Studies has galvanized much exciting and provocative research and experimentation in the humanities and social sciences and visual and performing arts over the past three decades. Uncommon Senses II aims to take stock of the many advances in sensuous scholarship and art practice since the first Uncommon Senses conference at Montreal’s Concordia University in 2000.

The conference is organized around three broad topic areas:

  • Crossing Sensory Borders in the Arts: The Rise of Multisensory Aesthetics and New Media Art

  • Alternative Pedagogies: The Education of the Senses

  • Law and the Regulation of the Senses