We create intimate multi-sensory concerts for
classical and contemporary music.

Our experiences change the way you listen, by stimulating your senses in time with the music. Led by Stephanie Singer, we work to create beautiful and accessible immersive concerts that deepen you experience of listening.

“Music like you’ve never heard before”
— I-D Magazine


Tapestries is a choreographed sensorial concert that is set to enhance an ingenious reworking of Janacek’s String Quartet No.1 by composer Fred Thomas and poet Kayo Chingonyi. As one of 30 guests, you will be paired individually with a dancer who will blindfold you and lead you through a concert for the senses, feeding you gourmet tastes by chef Adam Thomason, surrounding you in bespoke scents created by Sarah McCartney and enveloping you in intense movement & touch based choreography by BitterSuite. The score interweaves Janacek’s full work together with original choral spoken poetry and phrases taken from Janacek’s inspiration: The Kreutzer Sonata.

Performed live by Phaedra Ensemble.

Tapestries image.png

The Sensory Score

The Sensory Score is a blindfolded experience with bespoke tastes by gourmet chef Adam Thomason, original perfumes by Sarah McCartney and a tactile experience choreographed by BitterSuite. Originally commissioned for Nesta’s FutureFest.

Each audience member gets an intimate, one-to-one experience, with the performers leading the audience through the music and enveloping them within the music’s physical world.

 This innovative performance has finished a modest yet supremely successful tour at RichMix, The Roundhouse, TedX and Wilderness Festival 2015.

The Sensory Score 4.png
The Sensory Score was far and away the highlight of FutureFest. Dozens of attendees have commented to me on how magical an experience was, whether they were sat blindfolded in a chair or experiencing it from afar. Thank you for being such a stellar, inspired, professional group to collaborate with!
— — Josh McNorton - Nesta

The Royal Academy 

BitterSuite was commissioned by the Royal Academy of Arts to create a one-off sensorial event to bring audiences closer to the architecture and the world of the Royal Academy, all through the senses. 

Creative Producers:
Marah Wilson & Eugene Feygelson

Royal Academy 2.png

Debussy's Quartet in G 

BitterSuite's first fully sensory concert with RichMix London: Debussy's String Quartet in G Minor, Opus 10. "Experience Debussy's bewilderingly colourful quartet like never before; through taste, touch, smell and movement. Performed by the The Phaedra Ensemble with the touch of BitterSuite.

The Roundhouse I Sensory Score

A tantalising and joyous sensory journey designed to enhance an original score by Auclair. Following a set of sell out performances at Future Fest, Rich Mix and Wilderness Festival and recent showcase at TEDx Hackney, The Sensory Score returns to London for its final four performances at The Roundhouse, London

Auclair’s kaleidoscopic and textured score brings electronic instruments together with string ensemble – The Phaedra Ensemble. She mixes pre-written parts with live and conducted improvisation. And whilst Auclair’s music unfolds around you, you will be blindfolded and treated a one-to-one tactile experience choreographed by BitterSuite, including bespoke tastes by gourmet chef Adam Thomason and original perfumes by Sarah McCartney. All the senses working in unity to deepen the experience of each moment of Auclair’s music. This is whole body listening. 

Originally commissioned for Nesta’s Future Fest come along for the final set of performances that will envelope and encompass you within the sensory world of Auclair’s sound.

Roundhouse image.png
‘BitterSuite symphonies allow you to remain powerfully in the moment by teasing your senses in time with the music…it’s inspired by synaesthesia the neurological condition that leads to a confusion of the senses. This is a concert where you don’t just listen to the music – you taste it, smell it and feel it as well.’
— Lyndsey Winship, The Guardian

Flower Den

This blindfolded, guided walk to Rachmaninoff's Vocalise leads them to an entirely secret solo adventure away from the event. Their noses are filled with an overwhelming sensation of fresh flowers. The dancers lift the body of this person up and slowly sink them down. The participants land on a soft satin pillow and the blindfold is remove, leaving them alone and inside a tent made entirely of fresh, seasonal flowers. They spend the next seven minutes alone with the music and space.

Flower Den .png