CitySkin: Day 7



So! We have all the pieces! the CitySkin is ready to collect, ingest, be destroyed, soak up and lick the cityyyyyy!

Looks innocent enough … but with Freyja’s ingenious mind this skin responds, reacts and is imprinted by the city as we walk.

Like our physical bodies this skin is in constant conversation with our environment. We aren’t just walking through our cities unaware, unsensuous, unrecieving - we are WALKING sensors.


We FEEL our environment, even and ESPECIALLY the invisible parts.

So monday we will be …
- Feeling & measuring the average walking pace of the people in the city
- Gathering particulates
- Breathing in and ingesting the air from the city
- Capturing a sample from the saint laurent river
- Dyed by any rain / snow
- Bleached by the sun
- Picking up bacterias from the city

We will also be sweating and this sweat is soaked up by our sweat collector which will go under the outfit next to the skin. This sweat sample will then by crystallised into a unique artefact by the amazing Alice Potts.


Here’s our map which details our 6hr30 minute walk. The booklet to the side holds our mindsets and games. The mindsets are used to get us into the sense of WHY we are collecting these pieces of our environment. The games help us to have fun, play and sense our environment. To mine the city for it’s lived information. Games range from still and calm to loud, outrageous and provocative. Some examples:
- Breathe
- Yell the name of everything you see
- Lie in the most inconvenient place
- See if you can encourage the people around you to play a game with you
- Trace the perimeter of the space you are in with your fingertips
- Stand on everything
- Sing

Once we have walked, played and experimented through the city we move into process no.3
Taking the material / sound / data / thoughts & ideas we gathered through our city pilgramage and turn it into an experiential sensorial exhibit where the audience can feel the rhythm, motion, proximity, air, bacteria, that is constantly around us and in us wherever we are.


Why are we doing this?

We ARE the environment
Our bacteria IS the bacteria from the city (we eat it, drink it, walk through it). It is us.

Our drinking water source is the reason the city is alive

The river is often the reason for the creation of the city itself - being easily accessible

The rhythm of the city is our pace of life.

The proximity to others is how we know and understand relationships

Our environment is us