CitySkin: Day 6

We are nearing the end of our residency which feels unbeliveable! Today we have almost finished compiling the entire suit. I have made the map that will get us from a-b…z.


Freyja has compiled almost all of the reactive elements:

- Hydrachromatic paint to respond to rain / snow

- Air bag to gather breath from the wearer to later be analysed

- Tongue to gather the bio-matter

- Sensory to pick up the average walking pace of the city

- Bottles to gather water from natural water & drinking water

I have been making the map that will get us around the city … as well as GAME CARDS! check em out below…


And here’s a sneak peak of the route that is on the back of the cape for the skin


It also doubles as a space to notate our feelings as we feel them :D