CitySkin: Day5

So here’s the deal. This project is a five tier process!






We are in (you guessed it!) stage one this five stage process this means we are at the beginning of a MASSIVE experiment!! We have a hypothesis of what we will find BUT we have to be open to what the results, walk, wearer ACTUALLY tell us.


What have I been doing today?

Today i’ve been researching a huge amount, and barely SCRATCHING the surface of what is to uncover. I’m trying to create a body of exercises / mindsets / games / questions that can help the wearer of this skin and I engage and play with the city environment around us. I want us to discover new dimensions to it so we can find creative and exciting ways to bring cities alive to audiences when we get to stage 5 (exhibitions / installations).

So below are … examples of the mindsets / provocations / questions I have and some amazing things i’ve discovered.

MINDSET 1: Preparation for most & least polluted areas

Observe your breath


The air is made from many components. Few visible to the naked eye, but the make-up of air holds pollutants including Ozone (O3), Particulates (fine and coarse), Nitrus Oxide (NO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Sulphur Oxide (SO2), Lead and Benzene.

When we know this how can we observe our breath differently? How can we turn our attention to observe what it is we are actually breathing in and out? How are consuming and contributing to the atmosphere? Think about the invisible qualities of the air, what is around us in this moment? Can we notice a tangible effect on our breath / bodies / noses / concentration?

Addition for least…

What are we breathing? Think back to the mindset 1. Think once more about the invisible qualities of the air, what is around us in this moment? Can we notice a tangible effect on our breath / bodies / noses / concentration?

MINDSET 2: Preparation for natural body of water

Look out across the water and watch the light glint and reflect off the surface. Notice the tide and the steady pace with which it flows.

Trace the length of the water with your eyes and see how it defines the shape of the land.


Water is essential for life. It hydrates the earth, carves out the shape of the land whilst it travels through the extensive network of rivers, oceans, lakes and streams the world over. It expands, fills, flows, transforms, extinguishes, adapts, destroys, drowns, divides, nourishes, renews…

Where has this water come from? Where is going? Why is it here? How is it nourishing us? How is it nourishing the city?

Consider also that water has an entirely unique relationship with itself. Unlike any other liquid the frozen and more dense version of itself (ice) floats on top of the liquid rather than sinks.


MINDSET 3: Preparation for measuring & sensing tempo

Feel the pace


Tempo is a pulse / a pace. In music it is how we can think about time. It is built from polyphonic rhythms that all come together to form a central ‘feel’. How can we experience the cities tempo and then understand the pace of the city?

What does the pace that people walk tell us about the sense of time in the city? How does it affect your own sense of time? How are pace and the proximity to one-another interlinked?

MINDSET 4: Preparation for Sunlight / temperature

Find the sun. Feel where and how it hits your body

The sun is essential for life. Without it we wouldn’t have photosynthesis, light, warmth, a solar system. Without its rays beaming down on us we couldn’t exist.

How is the temperature you are in right now affecting you? Too cold? too hot? How is your body responding? Are you retaining water to heat the body, are you excessively excreting water to cool your body?

Do a body scan and hold your attention across each part of your body. Use your mind to trace the sensation you’re experiencing in your skin, bones, lips, eyes, in between your toes? How is temperature affecting you? How is your mind, are you alert, focused, irritable, tired?

MINDSET 5: Preparation for drinking water

Take a drink of water. Use your mind to follow it as it travels through your body.

Water is essential for life. It hydrates every cell in our body just as it hydrates the environment.


We are made of water, we drink water, we excrete water. How is this water travelling through your system, how will it go back into the city? How is it nourishing us? How is it nourishing the city?

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