CitySkin: Day 4

Today has been a day of route prepping and yet…

thought was an ironically sedentary day!!!

What does route making mean?

Basically to organize the walk properly I need to balance the actual gathering of data with the fact that we want this to be a meaningful experience for the wearer as we are aiming for the walk to inspire a composition.

Juhani Pallasma “The Eyes of The Skin”

Juhani Pallasma “The Eyes of The Skin”

So this means I am concerned with designing a route and surrounding experience that can support their emotional engagement & expression during the data collection. We want this data to be collected in way that means something to them.

So for optimum data collection the route needs to travel to the following areas:

-       Most polluted area

-       Least polluted area

-       Tourist hotspot

-       Local Park

-       Natural body of water

-       Tap water

-       Area for public observation

-       Area of direct sunlight at the time of peak sunshine


This is because the skin is designed to measure

-       Sunlight levels

-       Pollution levels

-       Water levels

-       Pace of the city

-       Sweat of the wearer

-       Bacteria / virus’ in city

But for the emotional experience I need the route to allow time and space for thinking / playing and experimenting. This then means I am preparing:

1.     The sensitization for the wearer to make sure they are in a neutral state of receptiveness for the walk

2.     Information / provocations / questions / games so that we have the right mindsets for the data collection.

e.g. I don’t want the wearer simply to take the measurement of sun levels I want us to engage with why this measurement matters? In the case of sun it matters because of vitamin D levels, it matters because without the sun our solar system would be chaos, all plants would die, we would die, the earth would be ice darkness and ice… it matters because the sun is life.

3.     Games and exercises that inspire the wearer to have a creative and inspired journey where they can mine emotional and embodied information from themselves and their environment. So we can enjoy a creative state of flow

4.     Methodology so that I can document their emotional journey across the walk


Other than that I also need to help us navigate a city that I don’t know and  as  it’s -6 in montreal at the moment I also really want us to be able to stay alive and not miserable.


Here’s how the route looks at the moment


So using the 7 states of receptiveness as my emotional markers I will be working with Freyja & the wearer to document the wearers emotional journey at each step of the walk.

Other than that i’ve been having a Feldenkrais MOMENT. Here he goes:

In sensation we include, in addition to the five familiar senses, the kinesthetic sense, which comprise pain, orientation of space, the passage of time, and rhythm.

 In feeling we include—apart from the familiar emotions of joy, grief, anger, and so forth—self-respect, inferiority, supersensitivity, and other conscious and unconscious emotions that color our lives.

Thinking includes all functions of intellect, such as the opposition of the right and left, good and bad, right and wrong, understanding, knowing that one understands, classifying things, recognizing rules, imagining, knowing what is sensed and felt, remembering all the above, and so on.

Movement includes all temporal and spatial changes in the state and configurations of the body and its parts, such as breathing, eating, speaking, blood circulation, and digestion.

Another Eyes of the Skin reference

Another Eyes of the Skin reference