CitySkin Day 3


I can’t believe it’s only been three days ! So today has been a lot about drafting a route / and considering the methodology for the wearer of the skin.

What I have started to think about is ‘states of receptiveness’.

Considering we are asking the wearers to act as a sensor I want to think about what type of information we need them to be considering / open and receptive to.

So the states of receptiveness can be thought of as a methodology for the creative sensory engagement of situations or environments. Connected to and inspired by theatre theorists Suzuki, Jaques Le Coq, Anne Bogart as well as Feldenkrais and others. The states of receptiveness help to make sense of the constant conversation between the inner and outer world.

Each state is rich with information but not all information is pleasant. Some states are complex, difficult and destructive. In the case of the more complex states we can appreciate them because they make the social / architectural / environmental boundaries more obvious. Some states are more about going with the flow and therefore highlight the spaces of social / architectural / environmental flow.

States of receptiveness

State 1
Stillness in motion

Characterised by simply existing in space. No real awareness that you or anything is around you.

State 2

Move with the flow, not choosing direction just fitting in. Relaxed, unpretentious.

State 3

Aware. Recieving information from the internal and exteral worlds.

State 4
What if? The land of possibility

Curious, playful and fun! Anything is possible, everything is there to be discovered.

State 5

The sense that everything is happening to you, that you have no choice and the only thing you can do is respond.

State 6
Erratic reactions

Defensive, mercurial, surprising, disruptive, avoidant and can be destructive. Great for understanding the invisible boundaries.

State 7
Internal motionless reflection

Stunned and stupefied by a sense of intense internal reflection. Caught in between, anxious but no ability to move.

Route design

rsqa montreal .png

The route will be around 8hours - 9hours long. The suit will be recieving information constantly on virus’, bacterias, particulates, rain, water levels etc. But the wearer will have long stretches of walking and during these times we will draw cards either - Exercise cards / check in cards. Each card has a different function that ascirbes a task or game to the wearer of the suit. The tasks will be made according to the states of receptiveness and allow us both to play and percieve our environement in new ways.

I will be notating all of this information down during the walk and then this will all form the blueprints / stimulus and creative information to go towards the creation of the eventual CitySkin musical / sensory installations (to be delivered Winter 2019.)

Also incase you want to understand what the numbers mean above? Check the AQI index below… (aka Montreal is pretttty much nailing it.)

AQI code.png

Right… ok!

AAAND now to watch Ru Paul with Freyja and get an early night for tomorrows 6am start.